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Ecosystem Services

On the Farm

Improve Water Quality

Ecosystem Services Photo

Learn more about how shellfish can improve water quality and provide important habitat for other marine organisms.

On the Farm Photo

What does it take to be a shellfish farmer? Watch this video on the ins and outs of growing and harvesting shellfish in Puget Sound. Watch Video.

Improve Water Quality Photo

Learn 5 simple steps you can take to improve water quality in your area. Learn more...

Project Higlights


Determining Social and Ecological Carrying Capacity for Shellfish Aquaculture in South Puget Sound

PSI and partners are conducting research to model ecosystem interactions and determine social and ecological needs and impacts of shellfish aquaculture.

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Pet Waste: What's the Problem?

These small sources of pollution can have a big impact. PSI works with South Sound residents to raise awareness of the risks associated with bacterial contamination and encourage pet owners to pick up after their animals.

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Reducing Shellfish-related Illness

PSI investigates post-harvest methods to lower vibrio levels in oysters and other bivalve shellfish to protect human health and reduce the need for vibrio-related shellfish bed closures.

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What is Ocean Acidification?

Absorption of carbon dioxide by the ocean is altering ocean chemistry. Carbon dioxide is an acid gas-- when it dissolves in water it forms carbonic acid, which effectively makes the water more acidic. Although ocean water is naturally basic (pH > 7) the process of absorbing carbon dioxide decreases the pH, which means it is becoming more acidic.

Learn more: Ocean Acidification FAQs Ocean Acidification Portal NOAA's PMEL carbon program


PSI examines nutrient bioextraction in Budd Inlet

Reducing nutrient sources has become a top priority for many jurisdictions. By decreasing nutrient loading, widespread problems with thick algae blooms and oxygen depletion can be prevented. Source control is a critical step-- but can nutrients be removed once they enter the marine environment? This project explores that question!

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Budd Inlet Poster

See the Budd Inlet poster


PacShell.Org 2010 Needs Assessment
Shellfish Research and
Information Needs

Current research and information needs associated with shellfish production, human health, water quality, and restoration.